HINDU PRIEST SERVICES IN TEXAS My name is K.V. Doraiswamy Bhattar, I used to work as a priest in Sri Meenakshi Temple Pearland, TX for 20 years and now I am Retired from temple. Now I am a freelance priest to continue my services to the Hindu Community. I can speak 5 languages fluently ( Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English) I can perform all the rituals like SEEMANTHAM, PUNYAHAVACHANAM, NAAMAKARANAM, ANNAPRASHANAM, VIDHYARAMBHAM,CHOWLAM, UPANAYANAM, WEDDING SATHYANARAYANA PUJA, AYUSHYA HOMAM, NAVAGRAHA HOMAM, MRUTHYUNJAYA HOMAM, GANAPATHI HOMAM, GRUHAPRAVESHAM, 60TH,70TH,80TH BIRTHDAY ETC. I can drive to your place for performing required pujas, you may want to call me directly at the phone numbers below or e-mail me your requests. I can also prepare horoscopes and predict the same.
HINDU PRIEST SERVICES IN TEXAS My name is K.V. Doraiswamy Bhattar, I used to work as a priest in Sri Meenakshi Temple Pearland, TX for 20 years and now I am Retired from temple.Now I am a freelance priest to continue my services to the Hindu Community. I can speak 5 languages fluently ( Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English)I can perform all the rituals like SEEMANTHAM, PUNYAHAVACHANAM, NAAMAKARANAM,ANNAPRASHANAM, VIDHYARAMBHAM,CHOWLAM, UPANAYANAM, WEDDING SATHYANARAYANA PUJA, AYUSHYA HOMAM, NAVAGRAHA HOMAM, MRUTHYUNJAYA HOMAM, GANAPATHI HOMAM, GRUHAPRAVESHAM, 60TH,70TH,80THBIRTHDAY ETC. I can drive to your place for performing required pujas, you may want to call me directly at the phone numbers below or e-mail me your requests. I can also prepare horoscopes and predict the same.    

Shashtabdhipoorthi Shanthi 60th & 61st Birthday

Call me at 281- 489-0464 or 281-948-8368 kvdoraiswamybhattar@yahoo.com kvdoraiswamy60@gmail.com

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Haldi 1 Cup 
Kunkum 1 Cup 
Rice 1Bag
Coconuts 20 Nos. 
Flowers 4 bunches 
Flower garlands- 2 Nos.
                                            (Thali(mangalyam)-readily threaded in yellow thread.(this will be tied at 61st Birthday) you may just order for the thali)
Saree and Blouse
Blouse piece 16 different colors 
Yogurt,honey,sugar 1 cup each 
Hickory wood chips(available in walmart)---------1pkt
Ghee-2 Bottles.   
Milk 1 galon    
Navadhanyam 2 pkts. 
Aluminium Tray 1 
Oil lamps 2 (kutthu vilakku big)
God's photo 1 
Plates------8-10 for keeping items 
cups,and spoons
Bettle leaves and nutts-------------------------------25 nos.
agarbathi(good quality)-2 pkts.
seating place  to be decorated previous day & a small square T-Table needs to be kept at puja place and a decorative cloth on top
Kalasams------15 Nos.( previous day  kalasams tobe  cleand & keep ready for the puja in that 1-2 SILVAR KODUM IF YOU CAN PROVIDE is recommended.
Different Phalagarams like-Muruku, thengolal, appam,mysorepak,etc. and Parupu thenga-2
Nadaswaram tape
Maangayeli thoranam  and Kolam  in frot of the house
Wooden planks(mane)--2
Dhothi and saree and pants and shirts etc for the Nearest relatives and elders needs to be given at the function.
Thamboolam  for distrubution to public any fruit and haldi + kunkum + bettleleaves and nuts(this usually you can pack in bags and keep ready-Onebag for each family to be given after the function.
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